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On average, senior executives devote more than two days every week to meetings
The #1 time-waster at the office is "too many meetings"
Unproductive meetings leave nearly four in ten employees more stressed and less motivated
Middle management spend 35% of their time in meetings

End Unproductive Meetings Forever.

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Most meetings take too long and achieve too little. Ask any executive and they'll pinpoint meetings as the biggest waste of time in their working day. Fluid is a tool that puts an end to unproductive meetings. Forever.

See how Fluid helps you to get more out of meetings in less time

Some companies who no longer have meetings for meeting's sake


Don't take our word for it


Fluid has made our meetings much more valuable in terms of their outcomes. It drives accountability and transparency in making sure we close actions properly.

Investment Banking Client

What fluid does:



Better - and easier - meeting preparation

Create and manage your meeting series, including roles and responsibilities, delegation, participation and focus.

Less time spent preparing for meetings because action updates are readily available in Fluid.


Get maximum value from the time spent in meetings

Capture actions and decisions in real time. Reduce ambiguity by accepting or rejecting actions, even without being in the meeting.

Fluid helps you stay on point and on time. Enrich strategic debate.


Drive accountability on commitments and gain tranparency on meeting effectiveness

Less time spent on meeting output admin. Improved feedback loops means everyone knows status between meetings.


Metric analysis to drive required behaviours and improve meeting ROI

Lead indicators, aggregated insights, meeting statistics, rate card ROI and meeting endorsments provide certainty on meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Story


We have had long and illustrious corporate careers. In that time we spent over 48 years worth of work time in unproductive meetings and thousands more hours creating presentations and chasing updates.

No one else should go through that.

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